The Gospel

Published on Jan 6th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
The Gospel

“The Gospel!” We say the word a lot but do we really know what it is? How many times have you been stuck trying to explain to someone what Christianity is all about? In our Night Services we are going to begin the year by taking a deeper look at the gospel for 3 weeks.Some of you might think that looking at the gospel for 3 weeks may seem a little bit simple.  But the gospel is the central message of Christianity and the power by which we are continually held in God’s hands and yet it is something that very few can explain with clarity. So we are going to look at the core message of our faith so that it becomes incredibly clear to our thinking and alive in our hearts! If you have ever been stuck trying to explain what you believe then this is for you.

Week 1 (30th Jan): Powerful Grace
Week 2 (6th Feb): The Real Event
Week 3 (13th Feb): Standing Sure

If you have ever wanted to know what Christianity is all about then these are the messages to come to.

The question mark in the image here reminds you to think about the visual art project where you can use your creative skills and come up with a piece of work that best displays what the gospel means to you. One image will be chose to be the main advertising image for the series!