Sermons from September 2019

Sermons from September 2019

My life in God’s Hands

Psalm 139:1-24How well does God know you? This Psalm answers that question. He knows what you’re thinking … how you’re feeling … where you are … even what you are going to say. He made each one of us exactly as we are … our bodies …. our looks … our emotions …. our personalities … our IQ. He was there the moment we were conceived and works out exactly how long we will live. And despite knowing everything about…

The one who fears the Lord

Psalm 112 paints a picture of the godly person. When read alongside Psalm 111, we see that the godly person reflects the character of God in a number of ways. We’re forced to ask, what kind of picture would be painted of us?

God at Work

Psalm 111 helps us call to mind the mighty works of our God. These works reveal what God is really like and remind us that we have so many reasons to give him praise, today, tomorrow and forever.

The Day is Coming!

Isaiah 24-27As we have moved through the book of Isaiah the focus has changed from God’s judgement on Judah and Jerusalem (chapters 1-12), then the surrounding nations (chapters 13-23), and now the whole world (chapters 24-27). Repeatedly, the reference point is a coming day when all that is wrong with the world as we know it will be destroyed and put right, as God powerfully intervenes. For most people it will be a day of terrifying dread. But for a…

King of the Nations

Isaiah 13-23 Our God is King of the nations. In these chapters we hear what God has to say about where these nations (and we) look for our security and salvation. Let us be reminded that only our God can offer us true, eternal security.

Content in Christ

Phil 4:10-13 Listen as Paul talks about what it means for us as Christians to meet all our circumstances with an attitude of joyful contentment.

Faith in the Fire (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego)

Daniel 3:1-30 How real is your faith? How will it stand up when tested? Three Jewish men in Babylon faced the ultimate test when ordered to bow down to a pagan image at the risk of death in a super-heated furnace. Trusting God they refused to bow down, went into the fire, and were delivered by God in the most remarkable way. The ultimate fire we all face is hell, and Christ is able to deliver forever those who trust…