PM Series: Ecclesiastes

Published on Jul 21st, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
PM Series: Ecclesiastes

Join us in the 6:30pm service from 24th July as we tackle Solomon’s famous journal of his quest for meaning in life.

It is easy for the monotony of life to get us down.  You mow the lawn and it grows back, you change a nappy and before long you are changing another, you fill up the car with petrol and soon enough you are filling up again… throw the complications of this broken world on top as well and you have an incredibly frustrating life.  This has caused many to cry out: “What is the meaning of it all?”  Why should we bother trying in this life if we are only met with difficulties over and over again?

If you remember the book of Job is a look at some of the big questions of the meaning of life from the perspective of one who suffered unimaginable heartache and pain, well Ecclesiastes is a look at these same questions from the perspective of one who bathed in unimaginable wealth, pleasure and wisdom.  If you have ever thought to yourself, “Life would be so much better if I was rich enough to have anything that I wanted,” well here is proof that you would still struggle.

At the heart of Ecclesiastes is the realisation that we live in a broken world and maybe you have realised this yourself, maybe you have hit a wall in life where everything you try to fill your life with meaning comes up short.  Well can I encourage you to join us as we follow King Solomon’s journal as he searches for meaning in this broken world.  Together we will wrestle through the big issues and see that just maybe there is an incredibly fulfilling meaning that can be found in the midst of our brokenness.