Night Service: Godly Sorrow

Published on Dec 31st, 2012 by City North Baptist Church
Night Service: Godly Sorrow

Starting 27th January 2013 we will spend 4 weeks investigating what it sin really is and how God longs for us to repent.

The overwhelming majority of gospel appeals I have heard end with the call to “just believe”…

Just believe in Jesus and all of your sin will be forgiven and you will have new life… Now while the concept of belief in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins is an integral aspect of the gospel message it is not the whole story… in fact if we leave our gospel appeal at “Just believe” we are leaving a huge hole right in the centre of it and potentially putting a huge stumbling block in the way of people coming to genuine salvation.

That “hole” is the concept of repentance.  The predominant catch cry of early gospel preaching was not “just believe” but rather “repent and believe”!

Leaving this vacancy in our gospel will result in a dangerous presumption that we are all tempted to make.  Romans 2:4 describes it perfectly, “Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?”  We can all take God’s kindness, mercy and willingness to forgive for granted and use it as an opportunity to continue in our sin with little or no change… coasting along on the coattails of cheap grace… but the very point of God’s kindness is to lead us towards repentance… He wants us to actually confront our sin!

I don’t know what your understanding of repentance is but I reckon for most people it is a pretty shallow youth group picture of a u-turn.  In order to wrestle a little more deeply our night services for four weeks starting January 27 will investigate sin, repentance and life.  How they relate to the gospel and our daily lives.  What does it mean to be truly sorry for our sin?  What does God want us to do with this sorrow?

As confronting as this short series will be I encourage you to join together with others as we bring the reality of our sinfulness out into the open and face the challenge it presents head-on.