New PM Series: Zechariah – Malachi

Published on Aug 16th, 2013 by City North Baptist Church
New PM Series: Zechariah – Malachi

Join us from August 25th as we look at the prophecies of Zechariah & Malachi.The exile in Babylon had been a bitter punishment for Israel.  Disconnected from their homeland and oppressed by foreign rulers they had lived in turmoil for 70 years.  But God’s promise of a return to Jerusalem was fulfilled as waves of Jews returned home.  When they arrived however, it was anything but fanfare and celebration… the city was destroyed, the temple lay in ruins and  they were still under the power of their captors.  Even after the rebuilding of the walls and the temple life in Jerusalem was hard, taxes were high and there was this feeling that things were never going to be as good as they once were.

The result was a nation that was under a cloud of depression… a people whose worship had gone cold and whose hearts had lost all hope.

It is into this situation that Zechariah and Malachi spoke the word of the Lord.  God had seen His people wallowing in their self pity and proclaimed a message of hope and revival.  He called His people to remember His promises of full restoration and to wait for the coming King who would usher in this great work of God… but while they waited they were to return to Him in pure and passionate worship.

As we examine these prophecies in our night services we will see the heart of God to rescue and revive His people and the kind of lives He calls us to live in response.  There are times in our lives where we might feel like Israel… that our day to day life is a far cry from hope.  Zechariah and Malachi will show us that in the midst of our dryness, turmoil and sin the God of hope cries to us… and it is a cry that can restore our souls!