New PM Series: Alive – Ephesians

Published on Feb 25th, 2013 by City North Baptist Church
New PM Series: Alive – Ephesians

Join us from 10th March as we dive into Ephesians and investigate the brilliance of what a new identity in Christ looks like.

Right across the Roman Empire people with no previous knowledge of God were rapidly being made aware of His existence and His merciful offer of forgiveness through the preaching of the gospel.  But as this message of salvation spread like wildfire across the land, there came a growing need for the newly formed churches to come to terms with exactly what their conversion meant to them.  When the Apostle Paul wrote his letter to the church in Ephesus it was for this very purpose; to give new believers a vivid image of their new identity as Christians.

The result is one of the most spectacularly profound texts ever written.  Paul paints a stunning picture of the cosmic plan of God to unite all things in His only Son Jesus Christ.  He calls believers to recognise that God has graciously included them in His cosmic and eternal plan of salvation. He did this by uniting them to Jesus; the source of all life, the head of the church and the One who is triumphant over all powers and authorities.

Ephesians invites us to stand in awe of the new identity we have received in Christ, to marvel at His glorious grace and to rejoice at His immeasurable love.  Ultimately Paul wants you to see that your identity has been dramatically changed… you are no longer dead but you are alive!

“Ephesians is the most sublime and majestic expression of the gospel”

– Lloyd-Jones


There is a Bible Reading Guide available that will help you read through Ephesians as you follow this series!  It is in a format that is compatible with smart phones and tablets for ease of use or printed as a hard copy if this is your preference.

Click Here to access the reading guide