Lounge Groups 2011: Getting to the Core

Published on Jan 11th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
Lounge Groups 2011: Getting to the Core

What is City North about as a church? What is central to our existence? How can you be involved in what God has called us to? To start lounge groups for 2011 we will look at the core values of City North.

It is easy to just attend church!  To just come in and go out again without actually grasping what church is all about.  So for the first four weeks of lounge groups for 2011 we are taking a look at what makes City North Baptist tick in the hope that we all can be captivated by the mission God has called us to.

  • Week 1 – Transformation through the Scriptures
  • Week 2 – Confidence in the Gospel
  • Week 3 – Genuinely Welcoming Relationships
  • Week 4 – Boldness in Prayer

Sign-up sheets are now available at the church or you can contact Pastor Joe for more details.  Please consider joining one of our groups this year so that you can gather with other young people around the Bible and build a support network of those who will weep with you and rejoice with you.

Groups will start the week of Monday 31st Janurary.