Elijah – Last Man Standing: AM Series

Published on Sep 29th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church

We live in a world that worships heroes. Footballers, tennis players, movie and TV stars, rock musicians…..they strut the red carpets of this world as though they can do no wrong……or so it seems. By comparison Elijah was a reluctant hero. He found himself thrust by God onto the national stage, where he fearlessly stood for God against the religious and moral corruption of his day. This series looks more closely at what made this man of God tick, and how God was able to use him so powerfully. But more than that we see a hero who had feet of clay. Described in the Bible as “a man just like us”, we see him with his faults exposed…….a far more real and believable hero than the media wants us to uncritically idolize today. Marvel at his achievements and feel with his frailties. It’ll warm your heart!