Clay Treasures

Published on May 28th, 2012 by City North Baptist Church
Clay Treasures

Join us from July 15th as we unpack the emotionally honest and life giving message of 2 Corinthians.

The world we live in is consumed with success.  Based on what we see in advertising, media and general conversation, it seems the most valued members of society are those that are young, educated, talented, prosperous and attractive.  Yet the reality is that the overwhelming majority of people don’t live the shiny happy lives of perpetual success that we are told we should.  Instead our lives are often marked by suffering, sickness, trial, heartbreak and disappointment and if we measure ourselves against the standards of this world we feel like we fall so far short.

If you have been weighed down by the reality of suffering and disappointment in your life and are sick of putting on the brave face so you don’t get cast aside by this success obsessed world, then there is no better place for you to go than the Scriptures.  2 Corinthians confirms the truth that the Bible doesn’t seek to sweep suffering under the carpet; in fact 2 Corinthians highlights that even in the midst of the worst kinds of suffering Christ wants you more than ever!

The Apostle Paul knows firsthand how life often throws up situations that bring pain, anguish and trial… He has known the doubt and fear that suffering brings.  And yet he constantly rejoices in His sufferings because He knows that God is bigger than his trials.  God doesn’t promise to make our suffering vanish into thin air, but instead He promises something far more powerful.  2 Corinthians pictures us as feeble jars of clay that contain the all-surpassing power of God.  It is a message of how the gospel of grace speaks courage, mercy and healing into the hardships and sufferings of life. How in our brokenness God’s strength is made perfect!

Join us in our evening services from July 15th 2012 as we pour through this letter of honesty, comfort and joy.