Beginning: Genesis 1-12

Published on Jan 19th, 2012 by City North Baptist Church
Beginning: Genesis 1-12

From January 29th we are looking back to the beginning: The beginning of history, the beginning of life, the beginning of our understanding of God! 

One of the most famous sections of scripture in the Bible and yet it is one of the least studied.  As we pour through this primeval history we hope that God will help us to see past the debates concerning religion and science, creation and evolution, to the message that God longed for His people to hear when these words were first written.

As we start a new year at City North join us in the evening services as we look at the first 12 beautiful chapters of the Bible.  We will see what God was doing through the famous stories of creation, the fall, Cain & Abel, the flood, Babel and the call of Abraham.  Our prayer is that they would be more than nice stories you remember from Sunday School, that rather you will be impacted by the reality of God: His power, creative genius, justice, mercy, love and grace!

Please come along with open minds and hearts from January 29th through to the end of March!