Bad Things, Good People; A Study in Job: AM Series

Published on Feb 9th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
Bad Things, Good People; A Study in Job: AM Series

Perhaps the hardest “real life” question anyone has to face relates to suffering, especially when good people suffer for no obvious reason.  It often seems so arbitrary and unfair, and there are no satisfying answers.

  • A child dies of “Cot Death”
  • A young husband becomes a paraplegic, the innocent victim of a drunken driver
  • A job is suddenly and unexpectedly terminated
  • The curse of cancer strikes……

Why?  Where is God?  Is He unfair?  Is He silent?

These are legitimate questions for even the most saintly people.  The best place to explore these questions in the Bible is the book of Job.  While it is a book about one man’s journey of extreme suffering, it is even more a book about God.  It asks the question: “Is He is worthy of our trust in the midst of the pain of life?”  As we sift through this amazing book we will start to see things from God’s perspective.  Simplistic answers only frustrate and annoy.  Ultimately it is only God Himself – who meets us in our pain –  who can stop our mouths and carry us.  Come with us on the journey!