An Encounter with the King: PM Series

Published on Mar 4th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
An Encounter with the King: PM Series

Mark’s Gospel is an exciting and fast paced look at the life of Jesus.  Starting March 6th we will begin to unpack the life of the most important man in human history.

Join us as we take a look at the story of Jesus’ life according to Mark.  At first it seems as if Mark writes like a child explaining an exciting story to a parent.  He goes flat out jumping from encounter to encounter as he re-tells the story of Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection.  However, there is method to his impulsive story telling.   Written predominantly for people who knew little or nothing about God, Mark’s Gospel explores core themes and essential truths of the gospel in order to declare who Jesus truly is.

Jesus’ authority over all things is a key theme in the narrative.  Everything from personal sin to the natural world and cosmic forces come under His rule; proved by His miraculous signs and wonders.  The narrative also focuses on the discipleship life of following Christ, His teaching through parables and His encounters with various people highlight the radically different life He calls for.

We hope that you will join us in the night services throughout March, April, May and June as we unpack the life of Jesus.  During the series there will also be significant opportunities for us to hear what happened when people from our church family encountered this same Jesus through testimony.

It is our prayer that you will also encounter Jesus in this powerful look at His life!