AM Series: The Journey – The Book of Numbers

Published on Aug 11th, 2017 by scott
AM Series: The Journey – The Book of Numbers

How will we respond in the face of drawn-out trials and difficulties? Will we learn that we can trust God?

You don’t have to read much of the Bible to realise how honest it is. People, nations, events and relationships are described exactly as they are, warts and all! In fact sometimes we may even wish for a bit more censorship! As the Bible’s ultimate author, God wants to teach us how to live as His people, and sometimes that means learning from the mistakes of others.

The people of Israel had been saved by God out of slavery in Egypt, were encamped at Mt Sinai, and were now ready to begin the final push towards the promised land of Canaan. Little did they know that they would spend the next 39 years wandering in the desert before they reached their destination.

Why did it take so long? How did they survive? What lessons did they learn over these years?

The book of Numbers tells the story of this journey as time and time again the Israelites whinged, complained and rebelled against their long-suffering God. It’s a remarkable story with many parallels to the spiritual journey of many Christians. Saved by God from slavery to sin, He wants us to learn to trust Him on the journey to our ultimate heavenly destination.

No doubt there will battles and testings on the way. Every Christian experiences these. Will they make us angry or bitter towards God? Or will they deepen our dependence on Him? These are the questions posed by the book of Numbers. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit be our Teacher as we study this book together.