AM Series: The Authentic Jesus

Published on Nov 8th, 2012 by City North Baptist Church

Society today is basically secular.  Religion is not fundamental to our way of life and definitely regarded an optional extra.  But that only makes Jesus more intriguing.  Why is it that in the modern scientific, materialistic world he just doesn’t seem to go away?No single person in history has had the impact of Jesus Christ, and he continues to have extraordinary influence globally.  But who is he …..really?  This short series of messages will take a closer look at his real persona – his way with people, his miracles, his mission, and why he had such a divisive effect on people.  Whether you like him, despise him or you’re undecided, you can’t ignore him.  Don’t just go along with the simplistic stereotypes of Jesus.  Check him out for yourself and work out once and for all what you believe about the authentic Jesus. Join us as we go through Matthew 8-10, to encounter the real Jesus.