Podcast Help

Welcome to the City North Baptist Podcast! Here you can listen to a message, read the Bible passage, and even download the message to listen to on your portable music player.

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Getting Started

When you first visit the Podcast page, you’ll see a list of recent sermons. Click on the title of the sermon that you would like to listen to.

After you click on the title, you’ll see the sermon page. Click on the Play button to start listening on your computer immediately. While you are listening, you can read the Bible passages from the sermon by scrolling down on the page.

Searching for a Sermon

If you are looking for a particular sermon, “Search” is at the top of the main Podcast page. This will allow you to find sermons by series, date, or Scripture text. Just click on the one you are looking for, and a list of all of the sermons that match will be shown. Example: If you are looking for all of the sermons in the “Joshua” series, click on “Search” then click on the “God’s Commander: The Book of Joshua” series. If you are looking for the sermon that was given in February, 2009, click on “2009” then click on “February.”

Listening on your Portable Music Player

If you would like to take a sermon with you, go to the sermon page for that week. (On the main Sermons page, click on the sermon title that you are interested in.) Next to the play button, there is a “Download” link. Clicking on this link will let you download the .mp3 audio file, which you can then play on any portable music player.

If you use iTunes or another music manager program, you can subscribe to our Podcast. This will notify you when the sermon is available and even automatically download it for you. To subscribe, go to the main Podcast page, where you’ll see this:

If you use iTunes, click on the word “iTunes” to automatically subscribe to our Podcast. If you use another program, the link you want is “Other”.

Getting More Help

If you have any questions or are having trouble with the Podcast, please contact us.