Welcome to the new City North Website!

Published on Aug 2nd, 2010 by City North Baptist Church
Welcome to the new City North Website!

“I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.” When the Apostle Paul penned these words nearly 2000 years ago I don’t think he would ever have imagined that they would drive us to share the gospel he loved so much on an electronic information superhighway that could be easily accessed by people all over the world.

Welcome to our new City North Baptist website!  In the 30 years I have been alive the world has seen amazingly rapid advancements in technology.  I only used the Internet maybe once or twice during my high school years, but now my 4 year old daughter can log on and play Wiggles games all by herself!  We are certainly living in an ever changing world where the Internet is a normal, and almost necessary, part of life for the vast majority of Australians.

One of our Core Values here at City North is “cultural engagement”.  Simply put this means, like Paul, we do everything we can to present the timeless truths of the gospel through media that will reach and impact people living in our current culture.  This is why we have upgraded our website!  Our prayer is that both our regular City North attendees and those who are looking for a church home will find this new site attractive, informative and useful.  Ultimately we recognise that our website is like a virtual door into our church and we want those who walk through it, regardless of their background, to feel welcome and to encounter God through the message of the gospel.

So you will find a bright, modern new look to our website that we believe is more appealing and compatible with newer technologies.  The new audio sermon library is huge with every sermon preached in the last 6 months archived in a searchable database including guest speakers and special events and the “Finding Forgiveness” gospel presentation looks great and is easy for seekers to find.  However, ultimately it is the little things that will help the most, like clearly labelled menus, a new search feature which will quickly scan our site and maps included in the details for upcoming events.  All this and more to ensure we best serve regular City North goers along with those who make first contact with us online!

Enjoy the new site!

Pastor Joe