Some tips for wise Internet use

Published on Dec 2nd, 2010 by City North Baptist Church

During our recent Home Grown series Pastor Murray highlighted the issue of pornography and how the Internet has made it that much easier to access. The Internet can be a great tool but it also has some dangers so we need to be wise in our use of it. Here are a few tips for wise Internet use…

Tip #1. If possible setup computers with internet access in an area of the home that is open or observable by other members of the family (ie. Family Room or Living Area).

Tip #2. Install some form of content filtering to help limit access to unwanted material.

There are a number of different options for filtering content online. Some Internet Service Providers offer some from of website filtering software to their customers (at a cost) or others can be purchased and downloaded online.

Internet Service Provider Options

Other Non-Free Options

Free Options

All of the free options listed are easy to setup and will filter out a majority of unwanted content that currently exists on the Internet. These filtering options can be setup on your home network or computer in as little as three minutes. OpenDNS provides step by step setup instructions.

Tip #3. Monitor you children’s Internet usage. Having the family computer in a high traffic area of the home will help wih this.

Tip #4. If you are finding that Internet pornography is an area of temptation or struggle then seek some help. Pornography can be very addictive so find someone to keep you accountable to God in this area. There is a great piece of accountability software called X3Watch that is a free and easy way to stay accountable. You can download the X3Watch software by clicking this link.

If you are struggling in this area or would like some more information speak with one of the Pastors or Elders.