Internship Review

Published on Jan 9th, 2012 by City North Baptist Church
Internship Review

When I was asked to write a blog post about the internship experience and I looked back over the past three years as the City North Pastoral Intern I was amazed at how much I’ve learnt and how much experience I have gained in so many different ministry areas. To give a full run down in a short blog is impossible but I feel the key element that should be mentioned is that practical ministry experience is vital in testing your call and finding your place within a full time ministry role.


In that light the internship was the core element of my time at Bible College. Theological study is fantastic (and important for those wanting to be ministers) but the practical outworking of the internship is what gave that study tangible meaning for everyday ministry opportunities.


To have come out of the I.T industry and start college was a huge change for me, but I was immediately seeing the worth of the study as the internship had me teaching R.E at Wavell High School, running senior cafes, building relationships with high school students, as well as expanding my music ministry from simply drumming to worship leading and singing. Jesus was able to reveal a teaching gift to me through the opportunities to lead lounge groups, lead communion and preach. In this past year (2011) I found that planning and running youth events, mentoring leaders and students, preaching the Gospel to them and finding practical illustrations to constantly be an example of Jesus to our fantastic group of youthies is what drove me to complete my academic studies.


By far the part of the internship I enjoyed the most and gained the most wisdom from were the weekly mentoring sessions with Pastor Murray. Each week we would spend about 90 minutes in his office, usually Murray would share stories and examples from his vast experience in different ministry areas – or we would discuss methods and articles that he had found particularly helpful. These times, as well as the interaction with Pastor Joe or Pastor Dave, are where the internship at City North really assists in finding a base for how I might do ministry in the future.


The internship may not look the same for everyone, different people have different gifts, but I found that the congregation at City North were always so supportive of every new element I tried, that whoever is the next intern and whatever they do, I am sure that they will feel as greatly blessed as I do now.


Thank You