Engage Conference: Review

Published on Sep 19th, 2011 by City North Baptist Church
Engage Conference: Review

Are you satisfied with God? Is Christ your treasure? Do you praise Him out of duty, or is your praise the natural outburst of a heart that is thrilled to know and love Him?

John Piper put these questions (and many more) before us at the Engage conference in Katoomba, 2-4 Sep. A group of City North young adults made the trek together. John spoke very powerfully about God’s passion for His own glory (ie. how God seeking His own glory is actually loving) and God’s passion for us to have complete, lasting, unbeatable joy in Him. It was intense, but rewarding.

The second speaker Rory Shiner spoke of different facets of eternity (from 1 Cor 15). It’s amazing how little we think about eternity! We tend to live in the now; we forget about the glorious hope stored up for us. We forget that Christ has been raised. We forget that Christ will return and raise us to be with Him. As a result, we get impatient. We compromise. We strive for petty gains and comforts. And we sin, because we subconsciously think that ‘now’ is the only time we’ll get!

Seriously, when you consider eternity and the offer of full and lasting joy in God, what a joke our decisions to sin are! It just doesn’t make sense. As Rory said, “sin is just bad eschatology”! (Translation: “a bad understanding of end times”.)

To conclude with more of Piper, Psalm 16:11 says of God: “In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Is this the God who you know and treasure and love and adore? How long will you attempt to manufacture your own joy apart from Him?

It was worth the trip. Solid spiritual food. Time well spent.

Check out John Piper at desiringGod.org

Ed: This guest post was written by Young Adult, Scott Taylor.