A Look Back at the Beginning

Published on Mar 26th, 2012 by City North Baptist Church
A Look Back at the Beginning

Did God really do these extraordinary things, just as they are written? How likely is that? Is he big enough? Reflections on our recent Genesis series.

Reading through Genesis has been great, but I tell you what – it’s tested my faith at times! Sometimes it just seems too incredible to accept!


The events in Genesis sound outlandish and extraordinary to me. Even mythological. Now, I’m a pretty rational sort of guy. (Programmers usually are.) So it’s tempting to try to rationalise Genesis, to say it’s simply poetic, or to pass it off as a myth.


Here’s where the test of faith begins. I don’t doubt whether God exists. He’s proven himself to me enough times already. But this God, whom I know in personal experience – did he really do these extraordinary things, just as they are written? How likely is that? Is it even possible?


Allow me to put you through the same test. For example:

– When it says God planted the Garden of Eden (2:8), a real garden – do you believe that?

– When it says God created Adam in his own image, and Eve from him (1:27, 2:22), do you believe that?

– When it says God created the world in six days (“and there was evening, and there was morning”, 1:5,8,13,19,23,31), do you believe that?

– When it says God flooded the whole earth at once (6:13), do you believe that?


These are incredible things! I’ve never seen God do anything like that! At best, it seems unlikely; at worst, impossible. However, as I’ve reflected on it, I’ve realised that many of these doubts can be answered in one single question: Is your God big enough?


Well, is he big enough to do these things? Are they a challenge for him? Is it difficult for a Creator to work with the very matter that he created in the first place?


I asked myself those same questions again in this new light…

– Is your God big enough to create a real garden? (Or can the Creator not plant trees on his own?)

– Is your God big enough to create a human from scratch? (Or does he need to begin with an ape?)

– Is your God big enough to create life in a few days? (Or does he need a billion years to work it out?)

– Is your God big enough to organise a global flood? (Or can he only flood one small region of earth at a time?)


My doubts now seemed ridiculous. The temptation had been to side with public opinion, hide behind my “rationality” and refuse to believe that my Creator could have done anything so easily. I mean, just how big can he be, anyway?!


It sounds like an obvious conclusion. But this sort of doubt seems to be a common temptation. In my line of work, “rationality” is all the rage. But you know, if we were truly rational, we would recognise that God is big. Seriously big. And when you’ve created all matter in the universe, manipulating that matter is a piece of cake.


Now, back to Genesis. I’m not suggesting you should believe Genesis blindly, nor should you be literalistic at all times. But often when we doubt the account in Genesis, it’s simply because we forget how big God is. Rather, we should ask what the Bible asks: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen 18:14)


Is anything too hard? This is the God who took Jesus Christ – a crucified, dead and buried corpse – raised him back to life and placed him “far above all rule and authority” for every age to come (Eph 1:19-21). Talk about power!


And, amazingly, he promises to use this power to do good to those who trust in Christ: “He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.” (Rom 8:11) God is well able to do what he promised. We would do well to remember just how big he is.


So… doubts about Genesis? Questioning whether he actually did these things? Is your God big enough?


Mine is. :)

This guest post was written by City North Young Adult, Scott Taylor.