Women of Purpose

The annual Women of Purpose Bible conference (2004 to 2015) aimed to equip women to understand the Bible and expect God to speak to them through it into the situations of life.

For a few reasons, a decision has been made to close this ministry. Accordingly a WOP conference will not be held in 2016 or in subsequent years.

Since its inception in 2004, thousands of women have benefited from this conference and hundreds of men and women kindly served to lead and organise the events.

City North hosts regular Speakerbox evenings to provide a safe place for women to practice preaching. This is an excellent opportunity to hear preaching by women for women. If you would like to connect with this ministry, join the Facebook group, or email speakerboxbrisbane@gmail.com.

Talks from Women of Purpose conferences


The Clock Is Ticking

The Moment Is Here


Talks from the elective sessions are also available.


Are You A Cats Cradle Christian?

Better In Every Way


In 2013, Women of Purpose investigated the theme ‘SATISFIED?’ with Tori Walker and Dr Patricia Weerakoon as keynote speakers. Enjoy presentations from the event below.

Audio only: Contentment In Christ
On the day of Women of Purpose 2013, Tori was asked a question about what women she admires for their satisfaction in Christ. She shares a few more insights with us here:

“I’m inspired by any woman who sticks with Jesus. We often don’t know exactly what struggles, temptations or challenges someone faces. It’s easy to be encouraged and inspired by the woman who is doing great things for God in leading a ministry or doing loads of acts of service for other women in the church or inviting lots of friends to evangelistic events. And of course I’m inspired by this, and aspire to it in my life. But I know that life in the long-term can also be tough. It’s tough to be satisfied in Christ!! And so I’m honestly inspired by the woman who sticks with Jesus and keeps turning up to church – even if she is not great at talking with new people or teaching the Bible. If she sticks with Jesus till the end, that gives me courage.” – Tori.

Audio only: Empowering Eve: Sexuality That Satisfies


More Than Just Good News

More Than Just Ok

Shameless Love

Shameless Intimacy


Walking By Grace – Part 1

Walking By Grace – Part 2

Bearers of Grace to a Lost World – Part 1

Bearers of Grace to a Lost World – Part 2