Bible Studies

At City North, many people meet regularly in small groups to study the Bible, pray and support each other. There are groups for young people, young adults, ladies, men and people of all ages.

We believe as a church that these groups are an important form of encouragement to help us grow in our faith, understand God’s word, and to make friends.

Contact us for more information.

Small Groups

Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmNorth LakesKhai and Olivia T.
Wednesday Nights, 7:30pm
(2nd and 4th weeks of the month)
Albany CreekKevin and Narelle T.
Tuesday Nights, 7:30pm
(1st and 3rd weeks of the month)
West ChermsideMike and Sue G.
Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmClayfieldMurray L.
Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmEatons HillDarryl and Martha B.

Lounge Groups (Young Adults)

Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmStaffordDave and Bec L.
Tuesday Nights, 7:30pmKedronGreg and Bec B.
Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmMcDowallMichael and Kat H.
Wednesday Nights, 7:30pmGeebungTim and Grace N.

Women’s Groups

Fridays, 9:30am
(KYB, fortnightly, child minding available)
Church (Kedron)Jackie B.
Fridays, 10am
(during school terms)
KedronAnne K.
Thursday Nights, 7:30pm
McDowallJackie B. and Betty C.

Young Families

Tuesday Nights, 7:30pm (Men one week, women next)Everton HillsAlon and Kerri B.

Youth (D-Groups aka Discipleship Groups: Years 10-12)

Fridays, 5:30pmChurch